Blackburn Boat People

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Its 60 years since the boat people of Blackburn emigrated to British Columbia, Canada. Most were related through blood or marriage to two of Blackburn’s main families, the Ried’s and the Andersons. Every year at Pitt Meadows, Vancouver there is a wonderful get together, called the “Ried – Anderson Picnic” when the occasion is recalled.

Many travel hundreds of miles to attend, with their new descendants to be with old friends. Some of course are no longer alive and are ver much missed.

The now intermingled Canadian/Scott’s recall memories, while older ones explain to the younger all about the clans of Scotland. The “wean”, the baby held in Jessie Ried’s arms on the left of the picture lifts his accordion and his younger brother Harry joins in with “The Rowan Tree”. “John Anderson My Jo” “Loch Lomond” and all Scotland’s old traditional songs. The party always ends with everyone making plans for the next year’s.


Those in the picture are:

Jim Ried, Jock Prentice, Jean Prentice (nee Charge), Bob Ried, Sandy Ried, George Anderson, Jessie Ried, Belle Anderson (married Joe Duff), Agnes Ried (wife of Bob Ried), Meg Anderson, Meg Stein, Isabel McGillveray (daughter of Jean and Charlie McGillveray), Jean Meek, Mary Anderson, Jim Anderson, Bell Anderson (mother of Jean McGillveray), Joe Duff, Tom Meek, Jean McGillveray (nee Anderson), Charlie McGillveray, Dick Anderson, Bob Ried (son of the earlier mentioned Bob Ried), Jesse Doonan, Rose Anderson (nee Duff, wife of Jim Anderson) Bill and John Ried (sons of Bob Ried), John Meek Jnr., Mary McGillveray (daughter of Jean and Charles), John Meek, John Anderson, Peg Stein ( daughter of Meg Stein) Marion Ried (daughter of Bob Ried) Greta Ried (daughter of Jesse Ried), George Anderson (son of Jim Anderson), Sandy Ried and Annie Anderson ( daughter of Jim Anderson).

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