Primary School Conference 2015

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‘A Fresh Start for Blackburn’

Blackburn Schools Primary 6/7 Conference

Community Action Blackburn and the Youth Action Project (YAP) once again worked  alongside the 4 schools in Blackburn to produce the Blackburn Schools Primary 6/7 Conference, which was held on Tuesday 24th March at Our Lady of Lourdes Primary School.

All four schools, Pinewood, Blackburn, Murrayfield and Our Lady of Lourdes worked extremely hard alongside the YAP Peer Educators and YAP Music to explore the concerns they had about their community and most importantly how they believed they could resolve the problems and whose help and assistance they would require to enable them to achieve their goal. An overview of the pupil’s findings can be viewed HERE  A fresh Start for Blackburn 2015

In the lead up to the conference a number of pupils worked alongside YAP in an after school club to write the lyrics for the School Conference Song. Click here to listen to their song ‘All About This Place’

At the conference each of the schools presented their findings to the P6&7 pupils form the 4 schools and the invited guests. Pinewood worked with YAP music to write lyrics for a song which they put the music of ‘Don’t Worry, Be Happy’. Pinewood led the conference off this year and following their presentation showed the video they had made of themselves singing their song. It was absolutely brilliant and thoroughly enjoyed by all present.

Murrayfield Primary had chosen the topic of Bullying as the area that caused them greatest concern. The pupils highlighted their views and concerns around bullying but they were very aware that it not only affected young people. So they had gone out into the community with a film crew to speak with adults and get their views on a number of questions that they had prepared. The DVD was shown on the day and certainly brought the message across that bullying affects all age ranges within the community.

Our Lady of Lourdes pupil’s main concern was graffiti and vandalism. They looked at this from the point of view that Blackburn has a few people that think they are ‘artists’ but not very good ones. They outlined the detrimental effect this behaviour has on the community as a whole and provided a number of solutions to it. That being said the pupils believe there is a great community spirit and an extensive list of positives about Blackburn. So they wanted to take all of their creativity, energy and personality and show the people of Blackburn that they can use it for the good. They done a ‘flash mob’ at the Mill Centre one afternoon and got the shop keepers and customers to support them and join in the dancing. The event was filmed and they showed the recording on the day. It was great to see the energy and enthusiasm shown, not only by the pupils, but by the community members who joined in.

Blackburn Primary started by telling everyone what they would like to add to Blackburn with healthy living being high on their list. Some of their suggestions were possible like art projects, flower gardens, football cages and health cafes, whereas some were not, like Burger King, waterpark and more sun. Their number 1 concern in the community is the issue of litter and dog poo. They highlighted how it makes them feel sad and disgusted and that it gives a bad impression of the village, sending a message to others that the residents of Blackburn don’t care for the area that they live in. They also provided numerous suggestions on how to tackle the problem. The presentation was rounded off with a ‘Trashion Show’. A slight variation on a fashion show, with the creations being made from rubbish. The show showed the imagination and creative skill of all involved and was thoroughly enjoyed by the audience who applauded and cheered everyone on the ‘catwalk’.

The conference was rounded off with the conference song, ‘All About this Place’, which was written by a number of pupils from each school who worked with YAP music at an after school club. The words of the song depict the message being portrayed at the conference. It is very heartening to see that Blackburn’s young people are so enthusiastic and creative.

A big thank you to Robert Meechan, Community Firefighter, who provided a short talk on the ‘Cost of Fire’ and to the Scottish Community Film Unit who filmed the conference and the work done by both Murrayfield and Our Lady of Lourdes.


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