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CIB Youth Group

Change in Blackburn Youth Group (CIB)

CIB are an extremely hard-working bunch of young people (11 young people aged between 12 and 18 years) who are keen to get involved and are very enthusiastic about the work they deliver. They are involved in the development and delivery of a number of pieces of work for the benefit of their community to which they are fully focussed and committed to, willingly giving up of their own time to do so.

They are involved in a wide variety of work, some of which are:-
• They are involved in the delivery of the 4 week Summer of Play Programme, the Friday Afternoon Club and the ‘Waste Not Want Not’ Community shop;
• They represent Blackburn at West Lothian Council (WLC) Community Learning & Development (CLD) Youth Voice Network meeting where they confidently interact & engage throughout the session.
• Through working with Mindwaves they have developed animations focusing on Anti-Social Behaviour around bonfire night and also the provision of safety advice on the use of fireworks. The animations have been shared with agencies throughout West Lothian for use in the lead up to Bonfire Night this year and in future years. They are available to view here
• They are heavily involved in the Climate Action Town work being progressed in Blackburn.
• On 20th October 2023 they delivered a Mental Health & Wellbeing (MH&W) half day session for Primary 6 & 7 pupils. The programme was developed by CIB. A feedback session will be held towards the end of February 2024 to allow CIB to facilitate evaluation with all the pupils involved.