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Blackburn Place Plan

Blackburn Place Plan
Over the past few months Community Action Blackburn (CAB) in consultation with the community of Blackburn have prepared the attached Blackburn Place Plan. Under the terms of the Town and Country Planning (Local Place Plans) (Scotland) Regulations we are required to issue to the four elected members for Blackburn and Whitburn and the Blackburn Community Council you the following notice which a) ensures your awareness of the plan and allows you 28 days to make representations on the content of the plan. This was done on the 1st May 2024.

We are now posting the draft plan on the website for wider engagement. (pdf opens in new tab)

Any representations should be submitted electronically to Alistair Shaw CAB Project Coordinator by the 28th May 2024.

The Blackburn Local Place Plan 2024-2034 covers the area of the Blackburn Community Council.

Community Action Blackburn (CAB) have developed the Blackburn Local Place Plan with the objective of “giving local people the opportunity to engage meaningfully and have a positive influence in the future planning of development in their area”

The draft plan is developed under a number of key themes.

Key Themes

Biodiversity and Greenspace
Blackburn Place Plan supports the retention of current green spaces in Blackburn, while improving planting and biodiversity. Key areas related to this topic are noted in the plan.

The River Almond
Projections note that the River Almond could be prone to flooding in the future and community discussions and proposals are contained within the plan.

Valued Community Assets
In conversations the community of Blackburn noted that a number of assets are of value to the community and which should be protected. These are identified in plan.

Access and Getting Around Blackburn
Blackburn should be easy to get around by walking, wheeling and cycling to support the health and wellbeing of people living here. Actions to support this are identified in the plan.

Vacant and Derelict Buildings
The community is concerned about a number of vacant and derelict buildings in Blackburn and their aspirations have been highlighted in the plan.

Affordable Housing Sites
Projections note that the River Almond could be prone to flooding in the future and the community discussions identified that this would be the least attractive area for new housing. Additional housing sites should be encouraged on the sites identified in the plan with the objective of encouraging a housing tenure mix for Blackburn similar to that of West Lothian over the plan period.

Considerations with regards to local and national plans
The Blackburn Local Place Plan has been developed with consideration to the West Lothian Council Local Development Plan (2018) and the Scottish National Planning Framework 4 (NPF4). This Place Plan should be read in conjunction with the Blackburn Future Plan.

Any representations should be submitted electronically to CAB Project Coordinator by the 28th May 2024.